Our Mission

Enriching the lives of wild animals in captivity.

The WildHeart Foundation was started with one simple goal: help animals now.

We provide direct support to animals living in zoos and sanctuaries all around the United States. Whether they need toys, food, or bigger and better enclosures, we’re committed to helping them. By only providing physical goods instead of monetary support, we can ensure that we’re making a difference the animals will see.

Most wildlife living in captivity will spend their lives there. With our help, these wildlife can still feel wild.

Direct Approach

Instead of monetary grants, WildHeart directly supports captive wildlife by improving enclosures, providing toys, and supplying food. 

Helping Everywhere

Our mission is to provide for captive wildlife all across the United States, making sure animals everywhere get the help they need.

Animals First

WildHeart’s commitment is to the animals directly, without tying up limited resources on lobbying, regulations, and politics.

Our Team

Julie Nash

Julie Nash has had a life long fascination with big cats. She became interested in the lives of captive animals, specifically big cats, when volunteering at a sanctuary.

Matt Plichta

With an extensive background working with big cats, bears, wolves, and many other animals, Matt founded the WildHeart Foundation in 2015. He lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Volunteers 2017

  • Kelly O’Shea – Graphic Design
  • Jacob Evans – Web Dev. and SEO
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