On the road to 501(c)3

Forming a company is difficult. Forming a not-for-profit even more so.

I started really cracking down on forming the company in March 2015. I had the idea for awhile, but it’s a daunting task, and had it on hold for a long time. I started the process, did the paperwork, met with quite a few friends and contacts, built the website, and officially incorporated in Colorado in June 2015.

Incorporating was the easy part.

Filing for tax exempt status can be a 2-6 month process if everything goes smoothly. If it doesn’t go smoothly, it can last much longer than that. In order to be tax exempt, you need bylaws, articles of dissolution (what happens to your assets when the company dissolves), and a board of directors. It’s all very bureaucratic, and for someone who is used to having his boots in the mud and his hands covered in raw meat, very intimidating.

We’ve had more luck getting help since we’ve incorporated, but it’s been an uphill battle. Everything is, isn’t it? My biggest priority right now is finding a Certified Public Accountant to look at my paperwork, give the all clear to apply for 501(c)3 status, and hopefully agree to sit on the board of directors. And in the meantime, still try to forge partnerships.

Hopefully we’ll get tax exempt status soon, and really get a good start on helping animals everywhere.

And thank you to everyone who has helped me so far. Even though it’s been a hard battle, it’s easier knowing that people believe in me and this organization.

Matt Plichta
Founder & Executive Director

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