Wolf House for Lyle

This is Lyle!

Lyle is a young wolf hybrid. He’s one of the only resident canines at Serenity Springs and lives in the midst of numerous lions, tigers, bobcats, bears, and other exotic animals. Lyle’s current shelter is a dog igloo, in which he can lounge during hot days or curl up at night. But the igloo has seen better days and is nearing the end of it’s run.

After visiting Serenity Springs and talking to Lyle’s caretakers, we all decided that he would love his very own log cabin! After all, there’s plenty of wood in the nearby Colorado forests that can’t be used for commercial projects. WildHeart Foundation can re-purpose this wood to provide Lyle with a new shelter with a unique look. The logs would provide a rustic, natural look and smell, it would provide more than enough room for it to be stuffed with straw to make it nice and comfortable for him.

Ideally, we are looking for log timber, flat on two sides. We will also use any donations to buy timber from local lumber companies.

You can help WildHeart Foundation provide a new shelter for Lyle by donating on our donation page or by donating timber! Send us an email at roar@wildheart.foundation and help us help Lyle.

Lyle's current house

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