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The WildHeart Foundation is dedicated to helping animals living in captivity. We work with zoos, sanctuaries, and other facilities to provide resources directly for the animals. Through our work, captive wildlife receive food and medicine, enrichment, and bigger habitats. No matter where an animal lives, we believe in creating a better world for them.

Toys and Enrichment

Toys keep animals active and healthy, while enrichment ensures that their minds are engaged and stimulated. We provide toys such as boomer balls and feeder logs. We also work to provide toys made of recycled firehose or materials for custom designed enrichment.

Food and Supplements

Our food program ensures animals are not going hungry. We helped sanctuaries by buying food in times of need, such as rescuing a group of animals or after being hit by a natural disaster. We also provide supplements and medicine.

Habitats and Enclosures

We work with sanctuaries and zoos to provide resources for improving habitats and enclosures. We’ve helped habitats look and feel more natural by planting trees and providing better substrate. Dens, platforms, and other furniture are some of the things we also provide to make wildlife feel more comfortable and at home.

WildHeart helps animals directly by providing them with resources they need now. Our programs provide food, medicine, enrichment, and better habitats.

Because we provide resources instead of monetary support, we can help animals no matter where they are. Whether they live at a roadside wildlife park or a large accredited zoo, we’re here for them.

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Your donations support our mission of improving the lives of animals. The WildHeart Foundation is run completely by donations. Thank you for helping create a better world for wildlife

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