Construction begins on more habitats for rescued tigers!

Materials have arrived at one of the Thai governments wildlife facilities. These construction materials will be used to build bigger enclosures for the tigers rescued from the Tiger Temple. The new habitat will be a vast improvement on the animals current conditions. Most of the big cats are currently being held in cages that sometimes measure just 2 x 4 meters.

Building a larger enclosure is a long process! It took several months for the government to secure a contract with a local construction company. The enclosures will be built in phases over several more months. It can be a complicated process with so many moving parts, but we are very happy with our progress so far! As these enclosures are being built, we will continue to support the animals by providing food, enrichment, and supplements.

There are two different wildlife facilities that are holding these rescued wildlife. With nearly 150 tigers, it’s a very daunting task. So many of them are in need of better habitats, pools, and enrichment. When we visited in November 2017, it was heartbreaking to see so many animals in such terrible shape. The people there really do want to help the animals and simply don’t have the resources they need.

Together with our partner For Tigers, we are ensuring these animals will receive much needed care.

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