There are over 250,000 wolves and wolf hybrids living in captivity in the United States.

In order to provide homes for rescued animals, our friends at Song of the Wolf Healing Center reached out for help. As a new sanctuary, they had only completed one enclosure with the scarce resources they had. There are more rescues lined up, and more habitats need to be built.
We gathered our volunteer corps and planned a weekend of building. Members of the Air Force Space Operations Squadron came out with WildHeart for a full day of drilling post holes, hauling fence, and clearing the way for new wolf enclosures. Generous neighbors came over and cooked a meal for the more than two dozen volunteers on site. By the end of the first day, posts were already being cemented into the ground, ready for fence to up and provide a better home for animals in need.

On the second day of work came heavy snow. While it made conditions a little too slippery to work as much as we did the day before, it made for a beautiful day! It was the first snow of the season for many of us, and we were able to spend it watching the wolves chase each other and roll around in the fresh powder.

Photo by John Ramer at John Ramer Photography

There is still much more work to be completed! More enclosures are planned, and WildHeart will be returning help as often as we can. If you are interested in volunteering, make sure you sign up to receive email alerts for future projects.

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